At WTMY we believe that recreational sports and activities bring out the positives and focus in young people.

A sport or an activity requires you to engage even for a moment within yourself and your team mates, which for us, is already an achievement with some of the street children and young people we work with. We try to vary our sports and activities and the smiles and laughs that we see between WTMY children and young people and staff during our programmes is a testament to how much we as people like to have fun                                                                                 and challenge ourselves.

At WTMY, Rock Climbing is one of our sports activities as well as a tool to engage with and empower the street children and young people (SCYP). This is the programme which the SCYP love doing. Our trips to the local climbing wall include lots of fun, laughter, trust, commitment and personal challenges. Trying to work out a route of a climb can be a great obstacle, physically and mentally and some feel is a personal journey. Trust is usually a difficult part in a street child’s life; usually it takes a while before the SCYP trusts’ the belayer. We take the time to show the uninitiated climbers how the belaying is done and how secure they are when they fall. After taking short falls intentionally to get used to falling, they usually climb up the wall without any worries. They sometimes try to have their own small competition amongst themselves but the encouragement they give to each other is also on par with their motivation to win.

We also try to organise football matches and other fun activities.

We try to go run the Climb for Kids programme as much as our funding will take us but we are seeking funds that will make this programme run regularly.

If you want to support our Climb for Kids programme please email us for more information at