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About Us

Welcome To My Yard is an innovative social enterprise partnering with street based Nepali children, young people and families and those at risk to provide holistic community based support, practical education, training and savings schemes. Through our creative approaches to ‘involve’, ‘inspire’ and ‘enable’ we are creating brighter futures for those we assist and not for profit projects with a social conscience.

Our work is founded on three core principles:

  1. To involve community
  2. To inspire development
  3. To enable positive futures

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

Our vision is that street based children, young people, families & communities and those at risk are safe from harm and have access to rights, opportunities and meaningful choices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change children & young people’s lives through our involve, inspire & enable approach. We are increasing safety, building resilience and providing positive life opportunities and choices through holistic community based support, practical education, training and savings schemes.

Our Values

  • Genuine community relationships
  • Inclusion and active participation of children & young people at all levels of our project
  • Positive community mentorship
  • Holistic and integrated programs for sustainable positive futures
  • Responding across the range of needs including prevention, early intervention and crisis work
  • Ethical child-safe volunteering that provides opportunities for both volunteers and SCYP
  • A commitment to the development of child safety and child protection best practices.
  • Ongoing contribution to the social work sector in Nepal



WTMY works in collaboration with a variety of support, pro bono and business agencies that provide direct services and referral pathways to the communities that we support. Our support partners include vocational training and education agencies, local businesses, drug & alcohol services, mental health, women’s and general health, stop trafficking services, family reintegration services and wider advocacy services. We work with government and non-government agencies, we have partnerships with local universities and are a member several interagency collaborations. We also partner with a range of professional pro-bono marketing, branding, legal, funding and other services who assist us with expertise and supports that help to drive the organisation forward.

Good for Life
World Childhood Foundation
Registration details

  • WTMY Australia AUS: ABN 22856496057
  • WTMY Nepal: WTMY Nepal REG 94740/68/069
  • WTMY UK Community Interest Company: 07814702

Our team


Sarah and Ray are the backbone of Welcome To My Yard and

Nepal Team

The team in Nepal is critical to the day-to-day operation of Welcome

Australian team

Sarah and Ray are supported by a fabulous team of volunteers in

UK Team

WTMY UK is registered as a Community Interest Company and was our