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Bite Sized Practical Education. Bite Sized Business Skills. Vocational Training. School Support & Reintegration.

We run a series of non- formal ‘Bite Size’ courses that offer opportunities for engaging in practical learning in a highly supported way. Courses last from one day up to several months and emphasis is placed on opportunities for children and young people to succeed. This offers a positive experience of an education environment and supports a pathway back into education, to maintain education placements or to go on to our vocational training program.

WTMY also runs a specialist intensive program for young people that provides opportunities to become increasingly independent and maintain long-term changes. Young people targeted in this program will be given a full package of support and expected to attend 1:1 support sessions, and our education programs in order to progress to vocational training courses. Through these courses young people can go into jobs, further training or new work opportunities.

Examples of WTMY’s Education & Vocational Training programs

Bite Sized Education

We run practical classes & courses in subjects like Maths, IT & English

Bite Sized Business Skills

Emphasis in these courses is placed on nurturing basic business skills for those interested to go on to small business start-ups or to join the workforce.

Vocational Training

We partner with a variety of training institutes to deliver practical vocational training courses in a range of services and sectors.

School Support & School reintegration

We run weekly homework clubs at the Centre & at partner agencies focusing on keeping children on track at school. We also support the transition of children out of school back into school and liaise between the child, school and family to increase connectedness and offer specialised support for children at risk.

Vocational Training 800 x 300

Manoj’s Story

Manoj* is a 20 year old young man born 400 miles outside of Kathmandu. His mother left when he was young. When a step mother joined the family, Manoj was prevented from going to school, not given proper food or care and was sent to raise cows and goats. At just 9 years old he came to Kathmandu alone and began selling water to local hotels. He spent his young life on the street as well as in hostels and organisations.

He faced many challenges and heartbreak during his childhood and living on the street with strangers was the most painful and the lowest of the low for him. Having faced many difficulties on the street, he went to India to find a job and a better future. He never gave up and worked hard to earn some cash for him to eventually to be robbed and return to Nepal empty handed. “The story of my life” he sighs.

He didn’t know anyone in Kathmandu and Pashupati temple became his friend and solace. He began picking rags at night and during the day hanging out with friends. He started using drugs and sniffing glue as it helped him to forget about the hunger and sadness he felt. Glue sniffing is highly addictive and deadly. During a community visit, a WTMY worker met Manoj and his group of friends. The worker spent time getting to know them, talking about what WTMY does and how we can ‘try together’.

WTMY began working with Manoj over time providing individual psycho-social support at the Community Centre and through community outreach. Manoj was determined and wanting to do more for his life but was lacking confidence and carrying a lot of trauma. Manoj joined our vocational training program. He enrolled in free bite-size English classes, practical maths, completed a cooking course and was given medical support when he became sick.

In partnership with SEA Centre Nepal we provided a professional Barista training for Manoj and he gained work experience on our Rickshaw Café. Not only that, by working in partnership with Manoj and local companies he successfully got a job as a head Barista at a newly opened restaurant and is doing really well. He is in regular contact and WTMY continues to offer him support whenever he needs it in order to keeping building on his achievements and provide him encouragement to keep going. Manoj has also become a positive role model for other young people and one of this years representatives on WTMY’s young advisory panel. Manoj can now support himself but more than that Manoj has blossomed, he has begun to believe in himself and be able to trust others and for him now there is only moving forward for his future.

*Name changed