Fundraise - Welcome to my yard

Big changes start with the small actions of individuals. We are always looking for people to help us raise funds to get our project to the next level.

Holding a sponsored activity can be lots of fun as well as rewarding. Here are some ideas:

  • Hold a trivia night
  • Participate in a running or cycling event
  • Hold a stall
  • Donate the proceeds of your e-bay sales

Our 5 top tips for getting started are:

Drag your friends into it

Get together with a few friends…everything is easier when there is several brains at work…


Hold a brain storming session with your friends for some ideas…write them all down, ridiculous included, and then vote which idea is the favourite.

Planning is everything

Think through your idea…

  • Will you have to pay out any money upfront?
  • When would be the best time to do it?
  • How will you promote?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What will be your fundraising target?
  • Can donors donate online?
  • Do you need permission from anyone?
  • Have you thought about any safety aspects?
  • How can you get the community involved?- maybe a local business will sponsor you or provide donations to raffle off.

Do you know your stuff? 

Whilst you probably don’t need to know the complete history of Nepal back to front it might be helpful to find out a few facts for anyone interested. Look through our website and Facebook page and write down a couple of key points you want to get across to people. A quick Google search will also bring you up lots of interesting facts about Nepal in general. Still have questions? contact@welcometomyyard.com

Promote, promote, promote!

There are so many places you can promote your event or activity, use Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other social networks, emails posters or flyers or invites, consider contacting local media to let them know about what you are up to and why. Let us know what you are doing as early as possible and we advertise for you on our social networks as well.

Don’t give up!

Whilst it might seem a bit daunting if you never have fundraised before…you can do it, and you will have so much fun and great memories along the way! Remember even small donations take us a step further to achieve our goal.

We will be very grateful for amount you can raise.

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