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WTMY Social Businesses. Save for my Future. Work Experience. Aftercare Support.

This stream of our work is where we run small in house not for profit businesses that help to fund the work that we do at WTMY providing an all round ethical experience for our customers. Here we also provide opportunities for young people engaged in our vocational training programs to get hands on work experience and start planning for their future as they ‘earn, learn & save’. After exiting our vocational training programs young people might continue to work directly with us, go on to other or education opportunities or simply come out of the program having their first positive experience of education & training in life, which builds great foundations and confidence for their futures.

Our Social Business activities include:

WTMY City Walk

See our City Walk Page

Rickshaw Café

The Rickshaw Café is a pedal powered mobile Café serving up the finest locally sourced hand brewed Coffee to the Kathmandu community! The café operates as a social enterprise, which means that all profits are reinvested back into WTMY’s programs supporting based street children and families.

At the Café we also offer free practical education, on the job training, professional qualifications and the chance for young people to save a little towards their future, whilst our customers get to have the perfect tasting ethical coffee. Now that’s what we call ‘Shop Positive’! The Rickshaw Café pops up around Kathmandu for festivals, events and on the street. Keep an eye out for us.

If you would like to book the Rickshaw Café for your event, party or to come to your company for the afternoon drop us an email at contact@welcometomyyard.com

Follow the café on Twitter @Rickshawcafe

Pop up Shops

Shop Positive at one of Welcome To My Yard’s Pop up Stores! Our WTMY Pop Up stores pop up at markets, festivals, shops and companies in the UK, Australia and Nepal. Our Pop Up’s sell a range of beautiful and functional Nepalese handicrafts and gifts. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see where we will pop up next and come down and say hello.

We also stock a growing range of handmade items made by our very own handicrafts women’s group at WTMY. Our women’s handicraft group get free practical education, training, business advice and a savings scheme as they start to learn a trade. Then once they complete our short courses they can go onto start their own enterprises, further training or sell their handicrafts to our own small stores.

All the sales from our pop up stores go directly back to helping us to run our programs with street based children and young people in Nepal and to offer more young people a chance to learn, earn and save. With all that goodness you get that warm fuzzy feeling that just doesn’t go away when you shop with us. Why not buy a friend a gift at one of our Pop Up’s and pay it forward

If you think you could offer us a free stall at your company, event, festival or even want us to host a pop up party at your home (main locations Sydney & London) then get in touch with us contact@welcometomyyard.com

Want to volunteer on one of our pop up shops? Email volunteering@welcometomyyard.com

Alternatively if you have expertise in the handicrafts, design or production industry and think you could support the development of our handicrafts program, why not volunteer in Nepal? Email: volunteering@welcometomyyard.com


Work experience and aftercare support

  • External work experience placements
  • Aftercare Support: Working with young people setting up small business
  • Providing consultation on young people’s business plan
  • Save for my Future: A street savings scheme. Our supported street savings saving schemes are provided to young people either as an award upon completing one of our work experience programs or as they go along such as in the City Walk program. The savings schemes give young people an essential head start and provide a small seed that they can grow towards future education and careers.