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Creating Partnerships. Creating safety. Social, emotional & health wellbeing. Building family capacity. Fun, sports & recreation.  

Our social work programs provide a supportive soft entry into our organisation for community members aged up to 26 years old. These programs give opportunities to have fun and create safe childhood memories, promote mental health and wellbeing and also stimulate the social and emotional skills needed to achieve positive future outcomes. These programs are unrestrictive and they allow vulnerable children and young people to build trust at their own pace.

Examples of WTMY’s social work programs:

Street Community Centre 

This is where it all happens! Our Community Centre acts as a central point of safety for children, young people and families to come and receive social, emotional and practical support. We are situated in the heart of a particular street community and use this as a base to outreach to surrounding communities.

1:1 Case Work & Psychosocial Counselling

We utilise a range of tools through 1:1 and group based support that is individually tailored to the young person or young adults needs. We draw on a range of social work theories and multidisciplinary intervention approaches. Our Outreach Support Workers are social work trained and we have a strong emphasis on continuing professional development and social work best practice.

Mothers & Babies Group

Within our mothers & babies group we are able to provide parenting skills support, encourage strong and healthy attachments with their young children, engage women into our programs and offer advice. These prevention strategies work to improve the future outcomes of children of street based young people.

Healthy bodies Medical Program

WTMY provides a critical medical outreach service to the street community. In partnership with local health and sexual health services we provide basic first aid, vaccinations and family planning information and awareness.

Climb for Kids

Our trips to the local climbing wall include lots of laughter and personal challenges. Trying to work out a climbing route can be a great obstacle, physically and mentally and some feel it is a personal journey. Trust is usually a difficult part in a street child’s life; usually it takes a while before the young person trusts the belayer. We take the time to show the uninitiated climbers how the belaying is done and how secure they are when they fall. After taking short falls intentionally to get used to falling, they usually climb up the wall without any worries. They sometimes try to have their own small competition amongst themselves but the encouragement they give to each other is also on par with their motivation to win.

Kids Club

Kids club is about creativity, development and laughter. At kids club we paint, draw, dance and sing. We also undertake child friendly programs that teach children about personal safety, understanding and managing emotions, building self-confidence and more.


Introducing the WTMY Rhinos! We launched our football team shortly after the Earthquake struck as way to provide safe outdoor activities. We have a weekly schedule and a high demand!

Fun, games Recreation & Outings

At the Centre there is always a steady stream of children wanting to play board games or the national favourite ‘Carrom’ or to grab the badminton rackets for outside. We run a variety of other trips and fun programs when our budget and resources allow.

Women's Group Hero 800 x 400

Amolika’s Story 

Amolika* is 26 and married with four children. She was raised on the streets with her parents who would beg to survive. She never had an education and at 13 she began taking glue, marijuana and alcohol. She became pregnant during her teens and had a baby girl and then a boy. She was taken in to an orphanage but when the child’s father began to beat her daughter Amolika ran away again. She later got married to a kind young man and had two more children. She sent her eldest son to live in a hostel and her eldest daughter is studying at school.

Amolika started visiting the WTMY Community Centre in 2011 with her children. The children accessed our play space and education classes providing important opportunities to have fun and promote their development. Amolika received advice and antenatal care through our Healthy Bodies program. Later she completed a self defense course with WTMY which gave her confidence and encouragement to do more.

Amolika expressed an interest in adult education and she enrolled in our vocational training program. She learnt how to make various handicraft items and saved through WTMY’s savings scheme ‘Save for My Future’.

Now Amolika finally has opportunities and choices to take control of her future. She used her savings and new knowledge to start her own chicken shop. She continues to use the handicrafts as a side business too. Amolika’s children continue to access services at WTMY’s Community Centre and she often stops by bringing other young women to get support.

I never knew that by being able to save this small amount through the vocational training program it could help in such a big way.


* Name changed. Image is illustrative only.