Volunteer Overview - Welcome to my yard

We are always on the look out for fabulous skilled volunteers. We have opportunities available ranging from social workers, medical professionals, teachers and project managers. See the vacancies page for further information. We have skilled volunteering placements available in our International volunteering program in Nepal and also locally based roles in Australia, UK and some can be based from anywhere.

Email us at volunteering@welcometomyyard.com to Apply Now.


Being a volunteer for Welcome to My Yard was the first experience I had of Nepal and of volunteering work. It was spending time with the street kids that was the most wonderful part of the trip….as you would expect! Each one of them with such unique personalities, but all looking out for each other and living in the moment. Louise

I’ve seen a type of caring you just don’t find in England. The people share food, beliefs and culture proudly yet with no discrimination even with their difficult political situation. It’s a country of hard working, life loving and culturally diverse people.

Things like being urged to fundraise rather than just donate, helped me feel more dedicated to the programs. I sensed a high degree of transparency (nothing was sugar-coated for my benefit) and it was a real chance to get involved in something that needed help.

What is included/ excluded from my placement?

Included in the program:

  • Pre-departure support
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • First night’s dinner with set budget
  • A small work-related transport budget
  • Introductory Nepali language class
  • Orientation with lunch
  • Support from WTMY staff and volunteers during your placement

Not included:

  • Any additional costs relating to your stay

Support for international volunteers

Your first week of placement will involve an orientation to the work and team, which includes a dinner in Thamel to help you to get to know the local area. Throughout your placement you will be supported by your local placement supervisor and the International Volunteer Coordinator who will be available via Skype to for regular support and de-briefs.

Fees and Fundraising for international volunteering programmes in Nepal

Placement length

Fees (excluding accommodation)

Fundraise (min contribution)

1 month



2 months



3 months



Per extra month


We would be happy to organise a family home stay for you for an additional £30 per week including breakfast.

Volunteering 800 x 300


I  can’t volunteer in Nepal right now, how can I be more involved with WTMY?

There are lots of ways that you can support and be part of WTMY without volunteering. We regularly advertise for skilled volunteers and pro bono support services that carried out in your home country. We also have a fundraising page that shows creative ways that you and your friends can support us such us organising or participating in events or sponsored activities.

What do you use the fundraised amount for?

Everything else needed to keep Welcome To My Yard running and open for street based communities. Salaries, rent, bills, resources for the young people, emergency relief and material aid, education programs, outings for children and young people ..the list goes on and on.

Will I get time off?

Yes! We hope that you will have plenty of time off to explore Kathmandu and get to know the sights and culture. Your hours will depend on what volunteer placement you are joining us for. We can also negotiate a longer time off for you to travel outside the Kathmandu valley but for placements of 2 months or less you may want to leave this for the end of your placement so you don’t miss out.

What is the age range for placements with WTMY?

21 years old and over.

I would like to bring my children with me

Please contact directly us to chat about this. We will try to organise a fun and rewarding experience for you and your family.

What If I get sick when I’m on my volunteer placement?

WTMY volunteers are expected to have their own travel insurance to adequately cover any needs during their stay.  We will ensure that you have all the emergency contacts and a list of recommended doctors.

How long have you been taking on volunteers?

WTMY commenced its international volunteering programme in 2012.

Why might I get turned down for a placement with WTMY?

WTMY goes through a similar process as any job vacancy in our effort to match volunteers to available placements. We require volunteers to have appropriate skills and experience, relevant clearance to work with children and provide satisfactory references.

I am a Nepali living in Nepal and would like to volunteer

We also welcome Nepali volunteers who are based in Nepal. Please check out our vacancies page to see what volunteer placements we currently have available.